Coles Employee Benefits

When you're serving as an employee at Coles, it will provide rewards with access to a range of benefits that are exclusive for Coles employees only. No other person can't be allowed to access the Coles employee benefits. There are different kinds of benefits offered to the employees that involved:
Paid Parental Leave

Coles group limited has been supported the working families to establish the great careers by providing 12 weeks of paid parental leave for primary care givers and one week of paid parental leave for secondary care givers. This paid parental leave is specifically available for permanent full time and part time members with a minimum of 12 months of service.
Anytime and Anywhere

At Mycoles online portal, the team of employees can able to access the benefits at anytime and from anywhere. It has been designed to save the employees with great deals on finance, health, telecommunications, and much more. In order to provide the best deals for every time, the company will review the benefits. Whether the employees can get into the travel, movie tickets, restaurants, or electronics, Coles has been offered more discounts.Let's say, if you work at Coles' stores, you will be allowed to plan your weekend at anytime and anywhere. Additionally, it has been provided accessing to the rosters and payslips through Mycoles.
Mycoles Card

At Coles, the company is not only providing discounts on your weekly grocery shop but also get discounts to other Wesfarmers stores such as Kmart, Liquorland, Target, and Officeworks.
Coles is a starting point for your first job. There are some great advantages subsuming making new friends, building self confidence, and earning your own money whilst working across a variety of different departments. Here, the most important thing is for you to learn in a safe team environment whilst gaining skills to set up for the real world.
Future Career OpportunitiesMycoles get paid to train and be a future leader or maybe an apprentice maker.
FlexibilityIt allows to receive your own availability to work and will be restored the shifts within the availability.
Weekly PayIt is offering weekly pay to the employees.
Discount CardColes group company allows to receive the discount card that you can use at Kmart, Coles, Target, and Office Works.
Access to MycolesColes has been provided an access to a rewards program which exclusive to the Coles members. Mycoles will give the employees to access a wide range of deals and discounts on a range of events and products that included zoos, movie tickets, phones, theme parks, computers, and discounted gym memberships, and much more.Coles has given a great opportunity for team members to continually do the things better including from answering phone calls to sending emails to specialised roles in social media. There is no limit to the experiences that you can have.
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All about Coles

In the year of 1960, Coles opened the first nation's freestanding supermarket and equipped with a car parking. After getting anonymous growth in the market, Coles entered the 70's with a network of retail outlets that stretching across the country and a fresh focus on the value and innovation for the benefit of Australian shoppers.During 1970's, Coles has showed its innovative streak in the development of the Farmland in a range of home brand food products that helping to reduce the cost of groceries. It was also launched a discounting program and permanently reduced the prices on almost 7000 products.In 1982, Coles had introduced the first electronic scanners into its stores which giving the customers a printed receipt for all their purchases.For Coles, 1990's meant for adapting new technologies which modernised inventory tracking. In 1993, Coles launched its flybuys program which enabling customers of shell and Coles Myer to earn free air travel simply by shopping. The company has continued to embrace the evolution of new technology and trialled online shopping within twenty three postal codes.

By mid-2004's, Coles was established a nationwide network of Coles express service stations which allows the customers to access the food through nearby new petrol and convenience stores.Coles group limited has been made significant changes to its services including the roll out of new format stores, lowering prices for products, and investing in its team members in order to create a culture of selling. Since 2010, Coles launched a series of animal welfare and responsible sourcing initiatives like providing harmone free beef and committing to cage free Coles brand eggs.In the year of 2018, Coles has started the campaign called good things happen at Coles which reflecting the broader proposition to the customers, suppliers, and the communities in which it operates.
Employees of Coles can visit my coles portal to avail their employee benefits and access payroll information
About Coles
Coles is an Australian food retailer company which continued to deliver the quality products, excellent customer service, and providing a great value to the millions of Australians. The company is giving assistance to Australia for growing means working towards a sustainable future, supporting local jobs, and forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers.Coles founder GJ Coles has created a store that would lower the costs of living for Australian families. It continues the same philosophy for 100 years. In the year of 1914, GJ Coles had started the first Coles store at Callington, Victoria. Since 1946, it began selling electrical appliances like toasters and irons.

By the end of 1959, Coles company has shifted the course from its origins as a variety store and set its sights on becoming Australia's most significant food retailer with warehousing, new logistics, and distribution systems.In the year of 1960, Coles opened the first nation's freestanding supermarket and equipped with a car park. It has concentrated on developing a chain of supermarkets that would stock everything a family might have on weekly household shopping list including from light bulbs to lemons.
During 1970's, Coles entered with a network of retail outlets stretching across the country and a fresh focus on value, convenience, and innovation for the benefit of Australian shoppers. It has been developed the Farmland range of food products that helping to reduce the cost of groceries.In the year of 1993, Coles had been launched its flybuys programs which enabling customers of Shell and Coles Myer to earn free air travel simply by shopping.By mid 2004, it established a nationwide network of Coles Express service stations which providing customers with greater access to food through its new petrol and convenience stores. Presently, Coles remains committed to delivering consistently high quality fresh food, successful long term partnerships with suppliers and great value for the customers.