Coles Express & Coles Credit Cards

Coles Express

You're sure to find a store near you with over 685 Coles Express stores located across Australia. You can fill it up with quality shell fuel involving premium grade shell V-power or shop in-store for a wide range of great everyday value snacks, groceries, firewood, gas bottles, shell oils and Lubes, firewood, and much more.Coles Express team member is providing a great customer experience with a smile and making sure everyone stays safe. Attitude speaks louder than experience. If this sounds like you and you've decided that Coles Express is right for you, your next opportunity could be a just click away.The company appreciates your interest in working with us if you have applied to a role. It will review your application and let you know the progress as soon as possible. If you can't find out a current role that's right for you, you can apply to expression of interest to be considered for future opportunities across the retail businesses.

It has a variety of full time and part time roles over a variety of days and hours. The business works extended hours so this enables to offer you a variety of shifts. As a positive, friendly, and approachable team member, you will make sure that the customers should leave the store happily.It is offering you ongoing learning opportunities through training programs, on-the job work experiences, and even management development programs. It is offering a number of challenging and interesting training programs that can grow and develop the skills for a successful future in the Coles group. As Coles is a part of one of Australia's largest employers, it is offering you a wide range of benefits from discounts to exclusive offers.As a team member at Coles, you can join in the team and have an opportunity to work on meaningful projects both large and small in the stores, distribution centres, and store support centre.

Retail Stores
Available jobs at Coles included baker and bakery jobs, check out or service jobs, liquor jobs, cleaning and trolley collection jobs, in-store and multi-site management jobs, petrol or convenience jobs, online shopping and delivery jobs, and other retail jobs.
Under distribution department at Coles, you can find different kinds of jobs such as pick & pack or order selector jobs, DC management jobs, and all distribution jobs.
Store SupportColes supporting the stores in everything it will do. It is offering a wide range of jobs such as merchandise jobs, marketing jobs, HR jobs, Finance jobs, IT jobs, central operations jobs, property jobs, supply chain jobs, and more.Coles is offering different types of graduate programs for graduates. As a graduate, you can be a part of a two year, fast paced, and operational leadership program that developing talented graduates into the next generation of store managers.
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Coles Credit Cards

Coles Credit Cards is offering 0% p.a. for 15 months on purchases so that customers need not pay no interest until 2020. At Coles supermarkets, it collects faster flybuys points. At a Coles supermarket, it helps to save $10 instantly so that checkout every time you redeem 2000 flybuys points.Types of Coles Credit Cards.There are three types of Coles credit cards available such as No annual fee ever, get rewards faster, and our lowest rate.

No Annual Fee Ever
This type of credit card allows to collect one flybuys point per $2 on eligible spend. 0% p.a. on purchases for 15 months and no annual fee. It is offering free Coles Mobile Wallet App which lets to view and activate flybuys offers with your phone while keeping track of your purchases for your convenience and control. Coles Mastercard and flybuys card in one so only you have to carry one card instead of two. You can access your account easily online. Additional cards available with one convenient statement. It is a complimentary insurance which protects the items when you purchase your card in case they are permanently lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged.

Get Rewards Faster
Coles collects 2 flybuys points per $1 on eligible spend. This credit card is great for travel, great for rewards, and great for shopping. It is no international transaction fee on purchases when you shop online or overseas. For rewards, it collects 2 points per $1 on eligible spend and treat yourself to thousands of rewards at flybuys online rewards store. This card allows to receive $10 off your Coles supermarket shop instantly at the checkout every time that you redeem 2,000 flybuys points.

Our Lowest RateThrough the our lowest rate credit card, you can collect 1 flybuys point for every $2 at Coles supermarkets and $58 annual fee.Reasons to Choose a Credit CardColes credit card is providing a complimentary insurance which protects the items when you purchase with the card if in case they're permanently lost or stolen or accidentally damaged. With your Coles Credit Card, free delivery is available when you spend $100 online. By using a Coles Rewards Mastercard, you will collect two flybuy points per $1 on eligible spend. It allows to turn those flybuys points into Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to fly even sooner.

Coles Credit Card is offering three layers of theft and fraud protection. It lets to enjoy all the convenience of your Coles Credit Card and flybuys cards in one. The Coles Mobile Wallet App allows you to view and activate flybuys which offers with your phone while keeping track of your purchases for your convenience and control.Through the mobile app, manage your credit card account online in order to check out your account balance, available credit, and transaction history. It is a secure process using fingerprint or your 4-digit access code. You can also activate and de-activate your Coles pay tag in the app.Coles has continued to deliver high quality products, outstanding customer service, and great value to millions of customers. The long-term commitment of Coles is to help the Australia to grow towards a sustainable future, forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers, and supporting local jobs in the food industry.

Coles Strategy, Values, and Brands
The company is striving to offer more values to its customers by decreasing the prices of the weekly shopping basket, enhancing the quality through the fresher produce and delivering an easier and better shopping experience for every day of the week.The values at Coles drive the behaviour and helping to establish the deeper long-term relationships with the suppliers, provide an outstanding experience, and have caring and passionate about the team members.

Coles brands is offering top quality, fresh fruit, seafood, veg, and meat means fresher food for your family every day.
Coles Financial Services
Coles Financial Services has been brought everyday financial products including insurance and credit cards to Australian families.
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