Distribution Jobs at Coles & Careers for Students and Graduates

Order Selector or Pick & Pack
Order selector job at Coles has a direct impact on a customer's experience in-store and right down to whether a product is in stock. It is central to the supply chain and getting the right product quantity and quality into the stores for the customers. Coles' DC management team is a work environment where the company will give opportunity to everyone in order to achieve their ambitions through formal training and on-job experiences. You can also imagine the experience that you could have in the distribution network of one of the retailers in Australia and be the difference that could make in your career.If you're serving as an order selector, you will have the opportunity to go on the Coles development program which is an amazing platform to learn new things. Coles company is not only allowing the order selectors to participate in training rooms but also on-the-job too.

Team Manager
As a team manager at Coles, you will be responsible for managing the activities in warehousing.

Shift Manager
At Coles, DC managers have been able to achieve and feeling proud of this business. As Coles is one of the biggest retailers in Australia and leading a team of 400, that means there is a lot to do in a shift and working behind the scenes in order to meet the customer expectations. In a team, it gives an opportunity to participate in sharing the knowledge and experiences so that it can achieve the success together.As the company is one of the largest retailers in Australia, the company has been established a world class supply chain and delivering better value to the customers.

Store Support JobsA career in a financial department at Coles has been offered you with unique and amazing experiences which will improve your business acumen and financial capability. In this department, you will have to work in a fast paced environment, providing actionable insights and supporting strategic business decisions. It has been collaborated with the teams in order to deliver the projects that can helpful to enhance the growth in business expansion.Coles company group limited partnered with suppliers and the teams in merchandise, logistics, supermarket operations, property, liquor, and convenience. Accordingly, it will give the opportunity to develop the understanding of business operations and improve your professional work. The company will support you to provide flexible working conditions and giving you different opportunities to learn new skills by attending events and training at Coles Finance Academy.Other types of store support jobs included customer care, merchandise, marketing, information technology, corporate affairs, store operations, strategy and delivery, property, store development, and supply chain.

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Careers for Students and Graduates
Coles is providing different types of career options especially for students and graduates. Relevantly, it has been offered store support graduate program, operations graduate program, and my first casual or part time job.

Store Support Graduate ProgramThrough the store support graduate program, you will take on big responsibilities from the get go. You will have the structure with rotations and career progression that built into the program and flexibility to establish the career. This program has been designed to provide hands-on experience rotating through a number of placements in a function or business area of your choice.
Coles is providing different positions available in many different functions so that you won't be stuck for choice. You will also experience the workings of many different teams that giving you exposure to the dynamic business at Coles. In the graduate program, the company will support you in every step of the way.

Operations Graduate ProgramThe operations graduate program is helping the graduates and students to get on the fast track in order to become a leader within the operations. The program is based in stores and sites across the nation and will accelerate your career to become one of the next senior operational leaders. It will develop your people and commercial leadership skills and provide you with plenty of support so that you can easily turn your ideas into memorable customer experiences.In this operations graduate program, it is offering three different streams such as supermarket operations, distribution centre operations, and Coles Express operations.

Supermarket OperationsThe supermarket graduate operations program is a fast paced program that setting you up to a become a senior store leader. This program is all about customers and fresh food. You can able to spend the time by working as a team member in the fresh, grocery, and service departments as well as taking part in activities such as supplier visits, customer listening sessions, and more.
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Coles Express OperationsColes express operations graduate program is an accelerated leadership program through which you will get support, challenges, and coach to develop the skills into an exceptional leader within the fast paced world. If you're a Coles Express graduate, you will get to access exclusive operational skills and knowledge by working with senior business leaders such as regional HR managers, retail area managers, state managers, and central operations team.During this graduate program, you will learn everything that you need to know to become a Coles express retail area manager.

Distribution Centre OperationsThe Coles DC graduate program helps to ensure thousands of products to get to customers across the nation for every single day. DC graduates will not only get the operational skills to be great managers but also providing all experiences needed to become brilliant people leaders of big teams that put the stores and customers first.

My First Casual or Part time JobOn Coles.com.au online portal, you can get to know a little more about what its like to work at Coles and what attributes make you a great candidate. Working at Coles will give you a wide range of benefits to the students and graduates as well. As a Coles team member, you can get access to the deals, discounts, and benefits.Coles is one of the leading Australian food providers that continued to deliver the quality products, outstanding customer service, and great value to the millions of customers. It is committed to helping the Australia to grow in a working environment where it provides a sustainable future, forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers, and supporting local jobs in the food industry.Since 1914, young GJ Coles had opened the first Coles company in Collingwood, Victoria. In the year of 1930 to 1939, it served more ready made foodstuffs and leading to increase in such lines in the Coles Stores. Coles had been launched the first cosmetics range and engaged starlets Arlene Dahl and Eleanor Parker as the faces of the campaign.

Corporate ResponsibilityAt Coles, the company believes the good things when you do good things. Over the years, there has been a lot of good things for the things to be proud of.Coles is offering a wide range of products with different brands such as Coles Express, Coles Financial Services, Coles, Vintage Cellars, Liquor Land, and First Choice Liquor.Coles brands has been provided top quality, veg, fresh fruit, seafood, and meat means fresher food for family everyday. Coles Express brand is one of the retailer's leading fuel and convenience retailers with 685 sites across Australia. Coles Financial Services has been served financial products such as insurance and credit cards to the Australian families.Whereas First choice Liquor brands has been expanded with over 75 stores Australia wide and stocking thousands of different types of wines, ciders, spirits, champagne, beers and premixed drinks. Liquor Land is providing a range of products like your favourite wines, beers, cider, and premixed spirits.