Gumtree Review

Gumtree is an online classified ad website allows contributors of the general public promote and purchase numerous merchandise. Classified commercials are either free or paid for, relying on the product category and the geographical market. The website was introduced in March 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall as a local London classified advertising website online, trying to connect Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who need help with lodging on arrival in London. is a well established UK free classified website that is regionally set up by individuals for the Australian, South African and New Zealand community in London. When users will visit the website, they will find on the right-hand side of the page it is not just dedicated to London, it also has subsided which they can click on for regional parts of the country. In order to post an ad, users have to look for the left-hand side of the page. The "post an ad" button will redirect users to another page where users have to provide the stuff details comprehensively right from the stuff name to its quality description. First, users have to find the category for the stuff they want to sell and then place accordingly on the Gumtree website. After selecting the category of their products, they need to enter the location they are.

However, postal code is not necessary but users can do that for attracting intentional viewers to their products. After that, users need to set a price for the products they are uploading on Gumtree. Users will further get a very large area on the same page to briefly describe their products so that the purchaser get to know more about the products that are being sold in Gumtree. Next, it will be going to ask for an email address and if sellers are really want to sell their items on Gumtree, they have to input the regular email address they have been using for all important purpose. Below that, users will be asked to enter their telephone number too. This helps the purchaser to contact the seller directly from the Gumtree website. To conduct video chat between seller and purchaser, Gumtree has also provided a space for entering skype id. Often video calls help purchasers to know more about the items more comprehensively and confirm their satisfaction and dissatisfaction level on the same and thus avoid redundant face to face meeting with buyers. In the next section, users will have to enter more details about themselves like username, contact details and password. If a user is a running youtube channel or made a video on their selling items than, he/she can provide that URL on the last description box of the The last step is uploading a photo.

Users can upload up to three images of their selling items for a single category. Stylish and good images are recommended as it catches good attention to viewers. By clicking on "Add/edit option" will bring users to a new pop up window which is nothing but the outlook of the entire computer system. Users can pick the best pictures of the items from the hard drive and upload them accordingly. At least, users can post their ads by tapping on the submit button. It will automatically upload on Gumtree website.

Gumtree Secret Stash

Gumtree needed a way to drive add listing and downloads on their new app. Customers asked for something outside the box so they obliged and came up with an idea to brand a large box with nothing but a hashtag and the question mark. But needed a way to grab the attention of the public. So they took a construction crane and put it up at the business location they could find. Immediately, talk of the mysterious container appeared on radio and social media. With social buzz at its speak, Jacarandafm owned up to the stunts and launched Secret Stash with Gumtree. Inside the box, special items users can find in Gumtree and they are all up for grabs if users could get what they are. Gumtree keeps users engaged by integrating the message across multiple platforms and playing the strength of each channel. A competition on radio challenge listeners to guess what inside the box, but they had to list an ad on Gumtree with #secretstash before they could play. The mystery around the container was seeded on social media.

The Heuwels Fantasties endorsed the brand on Twitter and gave away their guitar on Gumtree. Display advertising draws further traffic to the site. Outdoor billboards remind the interested candidates to enter the radio competition and box became an iconic symbol for a secret stash. Insets on lack of TV, extended reach, providing a natural platform for the more visual aspects of the campaign. It all can down to an event, sub-sponsorship of Jacarandafm. App download will be driven on the day by event cloud, an appropriate wireless technology that delivered free Wi-Fi. The grand prize winner of secret stash was finally revealed to a fifteen thousands-strong crowd. The campaign over delivered on key metrics for Gumtree. The success of the campaign is really measurable where online sites and online brands can be tracked precisely and this helps Gumtree to analyze the amount of traffic and listing they received from their promotion. They have a huge volume of participants in the competition, over four thousand listings which are probably about four times as large as any regional or national radio promotion that they have done.

To delete ad on Gumtree, users need to log in with their Gumtree accounts. After that, they have to look for the ad they want to delete in the "Manage my ads page". When users will find it, they have to click the delete button on the bottom right corner. The ad will then stop showing in their active ads and move to an active ad anytime after they post it.